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IDK Theme #7 (link)
you don’t have to resize your sidebar it automatically resizes to 300px
text colors are easily changeable it’s in the appearance + with links
also the audio and ask’s background are changeable too!!

Theme 6: Radioactive
Code / Preview
theme 05 : hopeless
Code | Live Preview 
Upper menus + tumblr icon + links
fixed audio posts
4 Links Slot on Appearance
theme 04 : spectrum v2

Code / Live Preview

A three colour schemed theme
Dropdown menu for photo sources + Reblog From links
2 Links Slot on Appearance
theme 03 : Bad Wolf
3 Links Slots
Disable/Enable Option on Tumblr Icon (on Appearance)
Tags will show up on the permalink post
Post Hover - Round Edges

Preview / Code